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March Contest

This month we are featuring Deal Draw Poker, a fairly new game that includes a bet with action on the deal and the draw. Any winning combinations dealt in the opening hands are paid on the deal according to a unique "deal" pay table.

In addition to Visa gift cards to our Grand Prize winner and 4 runners up, we award 3 month GOLD memberships to those who place 6th through 10th. And don’t forget, the top ten qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

The contest starts at noon Pacific time on Sunday, March 24th and ends at midnight Pacific on March 31st. Click here for contest information.

New Game Spotlight

If you love aces, you’ll really enjoy our newest game, Ultimate Aces, where aces on the deal earn you a multiplier – up to 10X!

Each ace has a multiplier value associated with it and that value is multiplied against any winning credits for the final hand.

If you're a GOLD member, you can play this game right now before it hits casino floors.

Monthly Member Poll

March Poll:
Do you feel you have better results in the casino or on

Click here to answer this month’s member poll and we’ll publish the results in the April Newsletter.

Hand of the Month

This month we feature “player_54267“ who hit two royals on the exact same Game King machine within a 2 day period at Harrahs in New Orleans. Congratulations to “player_54267”!

If you have a great winner to show, please send us your picture to and we'll feature our favorite each month!

This Month's Kicker

My wife and I love playing video poker. While playing at the old Grand Casino in Biloxi (before it washed away), I sat down at a quarter machine and tried to change the screen to my favorite game and it wouldn't change. I then noticed that whoever just played it, had bet his last credit, 25 cents, and left without hitting the deal button. I hadn't put any money in yet so I finished the hand and won the quarter back. I played again and hit a four of a kind. I then played max (5) and played it down to just 10 credits left and was dealt 3 cards to the royal. Yep, I hit it and had my first ever free $1,000.00 royal.

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