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October 2013
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October Contest

It's time for this year’s Halloween contest featuring 100 Play with Super Times Pay – and some very spooky sounds! This game takes two of the most popular poker games ever invented and blends them together for a fun and wild ride!

In addition to Visa gift cards to our Grand Prize winner and 4 runners up, we award 3 month GOLD memberships to those who place 6th through 10th.

As we do every month, we’ll also be awarding 3 month GOLD memberships to our bonus round winners. And don’t forget, the top ten qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

The contest starts at noon Pacific on Thursday, October 24th and ends at midnight Pacific on October 31st. Click here to visit the Contest Page.

New Poker Room

The Poker Room is back! This is your chance to win cash and prizes in our newly updated poker room, managed by our friends at NYX Poker. There’s no cost to join and it’s 100% legal in the US. You can check it out right now by clicking here.

Monthly Member Poll

October Poll:
Do you book travel online?

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Hand of the Month

This month we feature “roveer” who won a huge jackpot by hitting a Royal Flush playing Ten Play Super Times Pay at Harrah’s Casino. Notice the 8X multiplier!
Congratulations, roveer.

If you have a great winner to show, please send us your picture to and we'll feature our favorite each month!

This Month's Kicker

"I was playing at Harrah's in Atlantic City last weekend when from the corner of my eye I saw something move. You could imagine my surprise when I saw a snake slither out from behind the machine I was playing on. Needless to say, my heart jumped in a way that is usually reserved for when I'm dealt 4 to a royal. The snake came out from around the machine and turned so that it was looking right at me. I jumped up and called the maintenance guy to come over. He called security on his radio but they couldn't understand him so I took the radio from him and spoke to security myself. They thought it was a joke and I had to give them my name. Before long about 8 people from security came over and it took a while before one had the courage to grab it and put it in a plastic bag.

"They offered me some sort of comp so I asked them if heart medication was on the list. The whole Harrah's team was very good about it and I chalked it up to one crazy experience.

"I'm guessing that the chance of that happening was greater than getting a dealt royal."


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