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January 2014
January Contest
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January Kicker
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January Contest

This month we are featuring Good Times Pay Poker. A fun game with a lively multiplier that not only awards bigger payouts, it gives you the opportunity to increase multiplier values on each active hand.

In addition to Visa gift cards to our Grand Prize winner and 4 runners up, we award 3 month GOLD memberships to those who place 6th through 10th. And don't forget, the top ten qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

The contest starts at noon Pacific on Friday, January 24th and ends at midnight Pacific on January 31st. Click here to visit the Contest Page.

New Contests Coming Soon

Starting in February, enjoy our brand new contest format! Each week we will feature multiple games to choose from, with unlimited play– giving you more choices and more opportunities to win. Every Monday will start with a fresh set of contests and games to play throughout the week. Visit on Monday, February 3rd to experience the new format!

Tournament of Champions Winner Crowned

Congratulations to hoss1951, the winner of the 2013 Tournament of Champions. With a best 200 hand session score of 5,125 in the final round (he had Aces with a Kicker in one hand, and four 2's in another), he wins a Las Vegas Dream Vacation for two, including 5 nights in a luxurious MGM Signature suite, $1,000 in cash and more! To see all the winners and their final round scores, click here.

This Month's Kicker

I live in a state with video poker. One night I walked by a machine and found a $5.00 bill on the ground. Picked it up and slipped it in the machine and bet 8 credits. I thought wouldn't that be cool if I won a $1,000? And wouldn't you know it bam won a grand. Put a $20.00 in the machine next to it and bet 8. Bam dealt me a royal and another $1,000. By the end of the night I left with $5,000. Talk about lucky.

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