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July 2014
July Game Spotlight
Introducing Achievements
Daily Contests Are Back
Mobile Contest Coming Soon
July Kicker
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July Game Spotlight - Dream Card Poker

This month, we are featuring Dream Card Poker, where you'll earn 2X Players Club points for playing.

This is a fun game where a maximum bet enables the Dream Card, with more winners, more often. When the feature is activated, four cards are dealt from a 52 card deck. The 4 cards are evaluated and the 5th card – The Dream Card – is dealt to maximize the hand. For example, you can count on a 4-of-a-kind in place of a 3-of-a-kind on the deal.

Dream Card Poker is one of the contest games this week and you can play it right now by clicking here.

Introducing Achievements

Earn achievements for various feats you attain. This includes accomplishments like reaching certain Players Club point levels, top scores of the day, and your results in contests, challenges, and more!

To see what you've earned so far and to check out other possible achievements click here. You can also view your achievements on your Player Page.

Along with this new feature, contest results are now more robust, showing the top 100 finishers for each contest. You can check it out any previous weeks contests results by clicking here.

Back by Popular Demand – Daily Contests

We have received many requests that we bring back Daily Contests. So, in addition to the Weekly Contest and the Monthly Contest, there will be a new contest every day, featuring a different game. Each day you'll have a chance to win a cash prize, Players Club points, and new Achievements. Click here to enter.

Mobile Contest Coming Soon

As you may know, we are re-formatting all of the games so you will be able to play them on your tablet or smart phone. So far, we've introduced 3/5/10 Play Draw Poker in the new format and have just launched Wheel Poker. In order to get more people to test the new format on their devices, we'll soon be announcing a mobile contest. Check the home page frequently for that announcement. In the meantime, you can play the games above right now by clicking here.

This Month's Kicker

Trip to Coushatta for Father's Day. What an incredible 24 hours — all 4 RF on the same machine over 2 sessions! I caught 4 RF and then a hand pay as well later at Isle. Started at Coushatta, moving from 5¢ multi-hand and just holding so I moved to 25¢. Caught the first one at 5:23 and then at 5:53 caught the second one. Back to Isle to spend the night, I rarely play TDB but a hunch told me to move - 3rd hand caught the dealt 2's and then two Ace kickers. Monday, we drove back to Coushatta. Dealt 4 RF but no hits on 20 hands, less than 20 minutes later caught RF, followed by a fourth an hour later and then 4 RF and none. Finally, back at Isle on way home, caught this nice 3 D/A and capped off the night.

To see pictures of these hands, visit the Forum.

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