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October 2014
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7 Star Tourney
Two New GOLD Exclusives
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October Kicker
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October Spotlight - Hyper Bonus Poker

This month, we are featuring Hyper Bonus Poker, where you'll earn 2X Players Club points for playing.

Hyper Bonus is a fairly new game where you have the option to bet an additional 5 credits per hand to activate the Hyper Bonus Feature. If a winning hand is dealt, a multiplier of up to 12X is randomly selected for each hand and applied to the payout for the corresponding hand. After the draw, each of the three hand wins are multiplied with the corresponding chosen multiplier and awarded to the player.

You can play Hyper Bonus Poker right now by clicking here. It will also be featured as a Daily Contest game later in the month.

Inaugural 7 Star Tourney Results - Start Earning Now

The Inaugural 7 Star Tourney finished on September 28th. We had close to 1,400 members qualify and compete for $500 in prize money. Congratulations to Fudger who won the $250 First Place prize.

As a reminder, all members have a chance to earn 7 stars during the first 23 days of the month to earn an entry into this month's 7 Star Tourney, for a chance at $500 in prize money. Stars are earned based on your amount of play, the number of achievements you have earned, and how many days you play during the month.

Only members that have earned 7 stars in time will qualify for the tourney. Your 7 Star status and additional details can be found by clicking here.

Two New Gold Exclusives!

Rack 'Em Up Poker - Rack up those bonus points, playing 25, 50 or 100 hands! The more wins you achieve on the draw, the more bonuses you can rack up! If you are a GOLD member, click here to play now!

Stack 'Em Bonus Poker - Unique play with both horizontal and vertical pay lines, introducing a new pay category for multipliers on vertical hands. 2X to 5X multipliers apply to any winning vertical hands! GOLD members, click here to play now!

Not a GOLD member? Click here for a 7 day free trial!

Hand of the Month

Congrats to acemeyer who hit this great jackpot while playing five play Ultimate X Poker at Choctaw South Casino in Durant, Oklahoma. They offer no $1.00 Ultimate X there, so this is the highest possible win!

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October Kicker

Was playing Super Times Multi-Strike at Ameristar in St. Charles, MO about 2 months ago. Was playing dimes so $2.40 per bet. Got a little ahead, so bumped it to quarters, $6.00 per bet. After a couple small hits, I got the Super Times multiplier on the top line at 5 times, so 5 time 8 = 40 times my win. Was dealt all junk so dumped it all and drew 4 deuces for $10K. Wasn't sure what the win was at first so my first reaction was "holy Sh$%", to which the older lady sitting next to me said "watch your mouth boy", she then got up and left. Oh well.

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