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November 2014
November Game Spotlight
7 Star Tourney
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November Kicker
“What’s New and a Kicker”
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November Spotlight - Crazy Times Pay Poker

This month, we are featuring Crazy Times Pay Poker, where you'll earn 2X Players Club points for playing.

The Crazy Times feature adds multipliers from 2x to 5x, which will appear next to specific winning hands after the deal. This game can produce some exciting bonuses.

You can play Crazy Times Pay right now by clicking here.

7 Star Tourney Update

October's 7 Star Tourney ended on October 28th. Congratulations to charmark who won the $200 First Place prize. You can see all the winners by clicking here.

Will you qualify for November? Every month, all members have a chance to earn 7 stars for an entry into the month's 7 Star Tourney - a chance at $500 in prize money. Stars are earned based on your amount of play, the number of achievements you have earned, and how many days you play during the month.

Only members that have earned 7 stars in time will qualify for the tourney. Your 7 Star status and additional details can be found by clicking here.

More Games Now Available on Mobile

There are now 14 games available in our new mobile-friendly format, with additional games arriving each week. To see which games are now playable on your phone or tablet, visit the Play Video Poker page. Any game with the M icon is mobile friendly.

Once we roll out all the games in the new format, contests will soon follow -- so stay tuned!

November Kicker

"I was playing triple double bonus poker just switched to 1$ hit 4 2's with kicker for 2K. Guy came up took my license and ss card. I moved to next machine and hit 4 3's with kicker on next hand and called him back over. He came back paid me 4 K and I moved down to the end machine and within 10 minutes got same hand again. Told my wife the dollars downstairs were really high on double double bonus and hit 4.6 K on a Royal. All in one night!"

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