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January 2015
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December 7 Star Results
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January Kicker
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January Game Spotlight – Ultimate 4 of a Kind Poker

This month, we are featuring Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker, where you'll earn 2X Players Club points for playing.

As a tribute to serious quad-seekers, a 6-credit bet awards the standard base game pay table win for a 4-of-a-kind, and initiates a distinctive pick 'em bonus round. In the bonus, 53 cards are presented face down - a standard deck plus one joker. You select 1, 2, or 3 cards, depending on the rank of the initiating 4-of-a-kind. A dealt 4-of-a-kind awards one additional pick. The player wins the total number of credits accumulated through all bonus picks unless the joker is revealed, in which case the total bonus win jumps to 3,996 credits!

You can play Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker right now by clicking here.

December 7 Star Results

December's 7 Star Tourney ended on December 28th. Congratulations to jakedbone who won the $200 First Place prize. You can see all the winners by clicking here.

Click here for more information about the 7 Star Tournament each month.

Great Devices For Our Mobile-enabled Games

Many of our games can now be played on mobile devices. And soon, all of the contests will be playable as well!

If you're interested in purchasing a new mobile device, or buying one as a gift, we've compiled a list of devices that will best support the play of our games. You can review the list by clicking here.

2014 Tournament of Champions

The 2014 Tournament of Champions is fast approaching. Round One will begin on January 12th. So far over 900 people have qualified and will be competing for a Las Vegas Dream Vacation valued at over $5,000.

Click here for more information about the Tournament of Champions.

This Month's Kicker

I only had about $1000 left in my bankroll when I decided to play 100 hand Triple Double Bonus. I put the whole amount in hoping to turn my luck around after getting beat up the last 48 hours at the tables and such and with only having about 3 hands left, all of a sudden the machine went on autopilot and showed a jackpot. I was shocked at first as I wasn't sure what happened but then realized quickly that I was dealt 4 Aces and a kicker for 100x the top prize. $40,000!!! Totally amazing and unheard of and I received a lot of attention from not only casino staff but also other players wanting to take pictures of it.

After this I was on a roll and really couldn't lose. At the end of the night, around 4 AM, I stopped at the high limit and played some single handed $5 Triple Double Bonus and was dealt 3 Aces and then hit the other Ace and a kicker for another $20,000!!

The next day I hit 3 more jackpots for another 8k on Build A Wheel Triple Double Bonus. So the final tally for the weekend was $79,250 W2G'd to me from PH.

What an unreal weekend!

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