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October Game Spotlight – Super Times Pay Super Stacks

This month, we are featuring a brand new game coming soon to casino floors! GOLD members now have a chance to play Super Times Pay Super Stacks – a game with more frequent multipliers and additional hands. Every time a Super Times Pay multiplier is awarded, so are a stack of extra Super Stacks hands. With this game, the bonus frequency happens about every 11 hands making is a really exciting ride.

Members earn 2X Players Club points for playing and you can play Super Times Pay Super Stacks right now by clicking here.

Basic members can earn 2X points this month by playing Super Times Pay Wheel Poker, which just came off the GOLD-only play list. Click here to play Super Times Pay Wheel Poker now.

Save Your Favorite Great Hits - Last Chance!

We love seeing those great hands every day... but they sure do add up over the years. We want to be sure you are able to keep your favorite Great Hit screens, while removing the clutter of old. Beginning November 1st, all Great Hits older than 2 months will be automatically removed unless you favorite them. So act now and visit your Great Hits to relive the moments and save your favorite ones!

Click here to save your favorite Great Hits now!

Training Tuesday

A friendly reminder that Training Tuesday takes place the first Tuesday of each month.

This gives all members a chance to experience the benefits of Gold Training while competing for real cash prizes.

Training Tuesday this month is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th. Experience this great feature by playing in this Tuesday’s Daily Contest.

Monthly iPad Winner – It Pays to Play!

Congratulations to Cincy71, our latest iPad winner. Cincy71 qualified with 435 contest sessions in September! We've also awarded GOLD memberships to 10 other random winners.

At the end of every month, we have a random drawing and award a brand new iPad Air to one lucky winner and GOLD memberships to 10 other winners. Each contest session you play during the month is a chance to earn an entry into the drawing, so the more sessions you play, the better your chance of winning!

Since all contests are playable on mobile devices, Cincy71 will be able to play on a brand new iPad!

This Month's Kicker

I had a great week starting Friday, August 27. I had went to Harrah's Metropolis, Illinois for their 5x tier multiplier. I sat down to play a little dragon link. I hit a hand pay on my first twenty dollars playing 2 cent at $3 a spin. I hit a bonus free spins and had two retriggers in that spin. It was $1,400. I decided to keep playing and hit another one for $1460 about thirty minutes later. Since I had a nice bank roll to play with now. I went to ten cent and went crazy and played max bet of $25. I hit another hand pay just over $1,300. The slot attendant asked me to spin again after getting my information. I hit three flags for free spins. I had a bonus in the bonus with a major dropping. This hand pay was over $3,300. I decided the machine had went cold after playing another hundred dollars through. So I headed to video poker. I sat down to play triple games playing double double bonus poker 9/5 $1 machine. I was trying to make tier points and had a goal of getting 5,000 for the day. That would be a first if I did it. The video poker was good with several full houses and three of kinds. I was nearing the 5,000 tier for the day when I hit three fours to start with. I had four 4's plus a kicker on that first line so $800. Second line was three fours for $15. Third line four 4's for $400. It was a $1215 hand pay. I had on Friday 5 hand pays. I took the money and paid off my Prius.

On Tuesday August 31 went again to Harrah's Metropolis. I decided to play the same dragon link. It was cold. So went to play ultimate Texas at table. Lost $200 so decided with last $100 I was going to video poker to play $1 double double bonus single line 9/5 game. First spin I hit four 4's and a kicker for $800. I had money to play with. I continued to hit 4 of kinds. Fact I had the ticket machine kick out twice $400 to me. So I am doing really well. I held two aces and two more aces and a kicker came. I had my sixth hand pay this one $2,000. While waiting for my hand pay to be paid I had four aces fall! Another $800 win. I put into the bank on Wednesday $3,000. Plus I kept back a bank roll of $1,200.

On Thursday September 2 we once again went to Harrah's Metropolis. I wanted to win maxed out major on Autumn Moon dragon Link. I went through half of my bank roll chasing that $1000 major. I decided to move over to the machine my wife had been playing. I hit another hand pay of $1,600 playing nickels at $12.50 a spin. I decided to move up to ten cents and hit another hand pay of $3,300 plus. As I hit major and had a globe worth $1250 fall in that bonus. I decided to move to video poker after losing a couple of $100 in that machine. Video poker machine was same machine I had played on Tuesday. I had good luck playing on it. Several three of kinds and full houses. Then I held two aces and got two aces and a four. Another $2,000 hand pay. Continue to play. Had a few tickets kicked out at me as I had it up near 1,100. I held an Ace and three aces and a deuce showed up. My friend sitting with me said, "I cannot believe it. You hold an ace and then get three aces and the kicker." This was my fourth hand pay for the day. I will put into bank $3,100. I will keep back for bank roll $1,400. I played long enough to hit the 5,000 tier for the day again on Thursday.

If my math is right in the ten hand pays I had right at $18,000. Taxes were $5,400 federal and state income taxes on this.

This was my best three day visit at casinos.


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