March 2023
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March Game Spotlight - Super Times Pay Super Stacks

This month, we are featuring Super Times Pay Super Stacks – a game with more frequent multipliers and additional hands, taking the original Super Times Pay to the next level. Every time a Super Times Pay multiplier is awarded, so are a stack of extra Super Stacks hands. The bonus frequency happens about every 11 hands, making it a really exciting ride.

Earn 2X Players Club points for playing by clicking here.

GOLD Feature Highlight – CHALLENGES

GOLD members can create and participate in Group or Personal Challenges. This is a fun way to create your own contest among family, friends, and associates. You pick the game, the time frame, and the number of hands.

Basic members have a limited trial and can participate in a Personal or Group Challenge until they win.

To learn more or to create or join a challenge now, click here. And good luck!

Monthly iPad Winner – It Pays to Play!

Congratulations to Sweet_royal, our latest iPad winner. Sweet_royal qualified with 289 contest sessions in February! We've also awarded GOLD memberships to 10 other random winners.

At the end of every month, we have a random drawing and award a brand new iPad to one lucky winner and GOLD memberships to 10 other winners. Each contest session you play during the month is a chance to earn an entry into the drawing, so the more sessions you play, the better your chance of winning!

Since all contests are playable on mobile devices, Sweet_royal will be able to play on a brand new iPad!

This Month's Kicker

This story is not so much about the money I won as it is about the unexpected way in which it was won. Back in August I was playing video poker at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Michigan. The game was Ultimate X Bonus Streak, triple double bonus and ten hands for quarters or $25 a spin. I was dealt: 2s, 5h, 4s, 4d, 4h. So I held the three 4’s and the kicker. The odds of hitting the four of clubs for each of the ten hands is 47 to one. The odds of hitting the 4 of clubs on three of the ten hands is like once every 103,823 hands. And yes, I managed to hit the 4th four on three of the ten hands! It paid $1,666.25. Later that day I was playing the same game but for five hands and I was dealt 3 aces, a kicker and a high card. So I held the 3 aces and the kicker and I drew the 4th ace on one of the 5 hands and it paid 4,000 credits or $1,000.

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