My first Keno handpay

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Azure Dragon
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My first Keno handpay

Post by Azure Dragon »

Also my first post here in this forum. I've hit plenty of VP handpays but never a Keno until tonight. I'll definitely have to play more Keno every trip for a while.

Come Back Kid
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Post by Come Back Kid »

Nice hit Azure Dragon! Congrats...

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Post by case »

That's a lot of nickels. I have had a few keno hand pays. When I get tired of video poker I do keno for awhile. Congratulations.

advantage playe
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Post by advantage playe »

Could use those nickels at the old horn and hardart automat to buy there baked beans 1 they were very good !!

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Post by Minnesota3 »

Congrats! Great hit!

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Post by TripleTriple »

Almost 3 grand for a $4 bet? Not too shabby. But I wouldn't play any more than you have been. In fact I would probably play less, maybe half of what you were. If you're lucky, you'll hit. If not, you tried. Don't be so eager to give it back.

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Post by PanicPark »

Kinda wish Superball Keno was available here.

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