What is your best keno strategy

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Re: What is your best keno strategy

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Nice to hear from you again mickey! I encountered you on VegasCasinoTalk.

You were referencing the web page on Imgur. You would have to go to it to get the actual image link.


I just posted it on your behalf.

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Not bad if you want to pass time - just will not make much in return.

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4 card Keno with 10 spots each, all grouped on one quarter of the screen. I always make a little time to play keno. I find it fun and relaxing.

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Sit at the bar and bet 1 quarter at a time while ripping shots of Johnny walker red.

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I have a few strategies ranging from quick picking 7 numbers in Cleo to 8 numbers in Caveman (only have to hit 3 to break even). I generally like to keep the same numbers that the prior person had for a couple of spins and the results have been 8/8, 9/10, and 10/10 usually to the dismay of the person sitting next to me.

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Which has a better return, live keno or video keno?

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Fibonacci Sequence with random numbers sometimes I will write those numbers into a grid for multi card keno and assign that grid to various four or 20 card patterns so instead of the numbers all being in one area they are convex and spread throughout the card yet as a pattern where five or six or a majority of the numbers are the same on each card and one two or three or different etcetera I have a famous 9 block pattern for instance where I take nine numbers in a 3 by 3 Square divided into two seven spots for six spots and 14 five spots I have a 15 number pattern divided into three 10 spots three 9 spots four 8 spots and 10/6 spots I have a 20 number pattern where I play one corner normally into 3 10 spots and 17-6 by overlapping in all directions..i am considering publishing this information very soon but for reasonable fee..i have about 30 multi card patterns and grid charts that i have tested n proven to win larger ammounts more often then average play without the patterns. I am still in development mode thia website haa been great for me testing them as well as live machine casino play

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4 Card Keno, 7 spots each, watch the patterns.

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