Gaming Board Reports - VP/Slots

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Gaming Board Reports - VP/Slots

Post by Schizm »

I find it interesting in states that have gaming boards have casinos reporting video poker and slots together and report their electronic gaming devices under money increments but don't ask to break down by types of games like their table games.

Reviewing locations by $1/$5 EGD by earnings and payout/amount of machines tend to angle where I am going to play.

Right now in Illinois, it's a mess, we have so many video game parlors that it probably out does our riverboat casinos 50 to 1. I don't even think they report earnings, or at least for public viewing.

Also in Illinois, it has been revising the 'Sports Betting' bill with our sights set last month in Springfield to pass the bill. While it does look positive, the rumor was to hold off til elections were done and make a big push for January 2019.

EDIT: Forgot to ask the question, LOL. Does anyone else use monthly or yearly reporting to make pick where they are going to be playing VP?

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Post by Harvest »

Not specifically broken down for VP. On the IGB website they lump slots & VP into "net terminal income" NTI. You just have to feel your way around and get a sense for where the 97.5 VP machines happen to br.

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Post by Vman96 »

In video poker, casino reporting means nothing in Illinois (and they report bar gaming too). The paytable tells EVERYTHING you need to know.

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Post by Tedlark »

And the maximum jackpot Illinois machines in bars and restaurants can payout is capped at $500.00, further hampering the players.

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