Moving from Coushatta to Golden Nugget

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Moving from Coushatta to Golden Nugget

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Sweet C and I have officially migrated our play from Coushatta (our long-time favorite) to Golden Nugget. I'd like to share the process.

Coushatta had become our home casino since we moved from Isle Of Capri LC when they began to gut the VP. We found Coushatta had a tremendous offering of VP machines with the highest 98.9-99% pay tables (in La.) for all VP down to 1¢ on multi-hand VP with our favorite games included. Additionally, we earned 10% free play at our VIP level and it had nice remodeled rooms and other freebies like use of comp $ to purchase gas and other items at the stores. The VIP level required 125K points every six months ($4/point on VP) or $500K/ coin in. All free play $ was available for use on VP.

When the Golden Nugget Lake Charles opened Sweet C and I were invited by one of our former hosts to be there for opening day (Dec.7 2014 ) and stay also come for New Year's Eve. GNLC also matched our player tier from Coushatta. So our VIP level was matched to GN Elite level players. GN offered very limited VP at 97% pay tables and no use of free play $ on VP. We had one year at Elite to make the required 100K points to keep our Elite status. GN gives $4/pt on slots but $10/1 pt for VP. Due to the poor pay tables we did not maintain the Elite status.

Over time we saw changes in the benefits at GN which began to outweigh our VP play at Coushatta. First, and foremost the quality of restaurants declined tremendously at Coushatta. Second, the marketing department refused to update to match the competition. For example, both casinos required $1M coin-in on VP per year to maintain VIP/Elite status. However; Coushatta still required $500K every six months. Then we began to get penalized by our frequent play and lowered Average Daily Theoretical. Our weekly play went from $100/wk to $60/wk-$35/wk. A year ago Sweet C and I did our annual benefit analysis. We realized it was worth giving up a 1-2% pay table for the GN benefits. We decided to try to reach Elite status for one us so we double-barreled our play with both of us playing on my player's card. We made this decision last April (GN's annual is Feb1-Jan 31) and reached Elite in November. At that time we played jointly to move Sweet C up to Chairman level to access more benefits for her. Chairman level (25K) was reached in January. Both of these levels will now be in place until Feb. 1, 2020.

Part of the decision making process to move was based on Coushatta's marketing strategy. For two years, I had talked to them and been told a review was underway to become more competitive with newly opened GN and L'au Berge du Lac in LC. Finally, this past November I asked Coushatta to consider extending my VIP status for a full year instead of six months. At the November renewal date I had 595,000+ points for the previous six months. After a week of consideration, I was told no, but, that the program was under consideration for change. At this point I had reached Elite status at GN and Sweet C was within reach of the level below Elite.

In our final analysis, the GN comp benefits have far outweighed the loss of 1-2% pay returns and lack of VP free play.
*At Coushatta we could use our comp $ at the eateries but they had declined to very low quality. Our weekly free play had dwindled to $60/week with an occasional extra $100 special free play night. In contrast, at GN we receive respectively $100/75 weekly free food comps to be used at any Landry's restaurant (Salt Grass Steak, Landry's Seafood, Chart House, Cadillac Bar and Grill, or Grotto Italian for example). This food comp was in addition to our ever growing comp $ for use at any Landry's property in the US.
* Additionally, we receive $130/100 weekly respectively for free play with bonus play most Thursday-Sunday nights every month during the slow seasons. This past trip I had $130 weekly plus and additional $215 free play each of the 4 nights (Thur-Sunday). Sweet C had $100 plus 4 night @ $130. Our host, who we had previously, has been able to arrange for the reservations in the special Loft suites and the Presidential Suite once since we often go during the mid-week time frame. Generally, a corner suite is available for weekends if we call a couple weeks ahead and my Elite status allows upgrade upon registration. Equally enjoyable is that Elite status provides a controlled access parking area in the garage.

Finally, several other benefits have come into play. The big monthly gifts are of much better quality than Coushatta and the frequent drawings and free spin options are plentiful. During a recent drawing my name was called twice in one night for $2000 in free play each time. Our daughter has been called multiple time and 3 times on one night. Drawing usually average $1000-$2K/15 minutes or as much as $50,000 per night. Cruise vouchers are given every six months to Elite status and Elite status receives a free comped room at any GN property once a year. We are excited about our upcoming trip to GN Vegas and the pick up/delivery at the airport and driver to the shows we decide to attend. Additionally, new vehicles are given away monthly. Finally, if you reach the "Billionaire" status (LOL) you receive a one year lease on you pick of a Mercedes, BMD, Jaguar, or Porsche.

In summary, like any good consumer I encourage you to at least occasionally take time to review other play options if they exist. In our overall analysis we decided the extra benefits outweighed the lower pay tables and VP free play.

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Post by case »

You are a very knowledgeable gambler and understand the comp system well. I feel many players understand how the system works but for some reason casino operators don't believe this. They think they can just keep cutting and we will continue to patronize their establishment. This may have been true years ago but will all the casinos around the gambler has more choices where to play. You did right in moving to where you are appreciated the most.

I wish all casino managers would read this post.

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