Best Henderson casinos for video poker

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Best Henderson casinos for video poker

Post by bobwithakicker »

My wife and I like Green Valley, but we've heard that a chunk of their video poker machines have been removed so that the choice isn't what it used to be. What is the best location in Henderson for video poker - different games and all denominations - from nickels to dollars?

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Post by case »

Emerald Island Casino. The VP actually starts at 1 cent and good pay tables that don't get reduced no matter how small you play. Lots of VP and an excellent cheap dining room. Made for locals and they love the place

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Post by Tbird2 »

My husband and I also liked green valley, But we also had the same issues we like a lot of variety and They took a lot of machines out.

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Post by Djkamh »

The Orleans is popular amongst the locals and they have updated the decor.

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Post by Sea Lion »

Green Valley sucks for VP. Machines are not maintained and always malfunctioning in one way or another. Buttons stick as well. And good luck at hitting anything there except a random angry person hitting the machine in disgust. Only thing good about GV was the buffet. Those in Henderson are better off driving west to South Point.

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