New MGM property in my backyard!

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New MGM property in my backyard!

Post by DaBurglar »

Ok well not exactly in my backyard, but less than ten minutes away down the street.

MGM Springfield Massachusetts is scheduled to open September of will be situated in downtown Springfield and will be located approximately 90 minutes from the world famous casinos in Connecticut owned by the two tribes, namely Foxwoods and Mohegan sun: these three individual multi-billion dollar resorts will thus compose a sizeable yet quaint "regional gaming destination", which will only grow once the two tribes also finish building their counter punch to the MGM Springfield property, namely the 800 million dollar yet-to-be-named casino located near Hartford about 30 minutes from MGM Springfield!

For those of you who are deeply enmeshed in MGM's rewards&loyalty players program, and who might be interested in at least trying the new property when it opens just to say you've been there, please be aware of what other reasons there are to visit the greater Springfield Massachusetts area.....

IF you are a NBA or NCAA basketball fanatic, the basketball Hall of Fame is located about three minutes away from the new MGM property, since the game itself was invented in the city at nearby Springfield college!

If you're a US history fanatic like myself, a member of the NRA like several of our right wing forum denizens, or just a gun enthusiast, there is the amazing and historically important Springfield Armory which has been arguably the most prominent and important firearm originator and manufacturer in the nation's history. From the colonies earliest days thru the war in Vietnam, the Springfield Armory has designed and produced the most important and best guns ever...the Springfield rifled minieball musket which armed the victorious Union Soldiers in the civil war; the 1903 Springfield rifle which armed the US troops in WWI and then later served in subsequent wars (WWII, Korea thru Vietnam) as an awesome deadly and reliable sniper rifle; the deadly and awesome Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.) which gave squads and platoons the firepower and stopping power needed to hold positions was manufactured in great quantities at the Springfield Armory, as was the Thompson Submachine gun, and the iconic .45 caliber Browning semiautomatic handgun, considered by many to not only be one of the most reliable and effective handguns in history, but one of the safest too!; And lest I forget, the Armory also was one of the most prolific makers of what General Goerge S. Patton considered "the greatest battle implement in human history", the M1 Garand semiautomatic rifles which carried US troops to victory in both theatres during WWII, saw great service in Korea and even in it's twilight in Vietnam!   You can view all these great guns, and many others, at the Springfield Armory!

There are also many many other delightful sights and attractions in the greater Springfield Massachusetts area and Western New England in general so don't hesitate to book a trip or stay at the new MGM property!

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Post by case »

Thanks for the information. Good to know.

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Post by billryan »

That's beautiful country but driving through the middle of the city on the way to Boston, Springfield never impressed me.
Hope it has good games for you folks.

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Post by Vman96 »

Hope it has good games for you folks.

I'll be impressed if DaBurglar can find 9/5 DDB (97.87%) for quarters there or 9/6 DDB (98.98%) for dollars. The latter may be more likely. National Harbor in MD offers it, iirc.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the tourist description DaBurglar. Maybe one of these days...BUT Vegas though! Did you read my report?!?!    

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Post by Tedlark »

In case anyone is interested; I saw where this casino is looking to hire a Director of Security. Any takers?

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Post by olds442jetaway »

My Father in Law has been gone 30 years. He was a WW2 hero though he would never admit it. Silver star. Wounded badly several times. He was a Marine Scout and preferred the Springfield over the M1 for sniping in the pacific. I heard all of his stories, but they were only told to me when the girls weren't around. A wonderful man. Is greatly missed still by me.

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