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Re: Casino Hosts ?

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:50 pm
by paco13
More useful info, thank you. I will have to look into the late check out. I like to play late night early morning the most so that could came in handy. That's my problem with check in too. I am an early morning person. I leave early and arrive early when I go. They all say early check in available and I request it when I book but the rooms are never ready and those at the front desk say that's just the way it is, no guarantee. Thankfully they don't charge for it. Twice I have taken any room they had ready instead of what I booked just 'cause I couldn't wait any longer. This was even after normal check in time. Last trip it was after 5pm. Wound up being a nice room anyway except it had no view at all. I like to unwind and freshen up after the long ride and traffic before I head out for the day/evening. I don't like being trapped waiting around not wanting to wander off to far or get into some activity until I know we are settled in a room. Getting some extra food comps if I bring friends/family would be nice as well if I can get them. Or maybe a spa/salon comp for my Girlfriend for being so kind and allowing me to gamble, lol.