Michigan Casinos

Who has your favorite video poker games? Who should have more?
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Michigan Casinos

Post by ortonvillepc »

Of the casinos in Michigan, which would be best for video poker?

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Post by FloridaPhil »

It's been a few years since our last Michigan trip, but I don't think things have changed much.  We casino hopped from Windsor up through the IP and came back around the Green Bay and down to St. Louis.  I have always done well in Windsor.  I don't remember the odds that well, but I've hit two royals there and ran $20 up over $900 once.  The small IP casinos were interesting.  Some of them actually had pretty decent VP odds.  I would say you need to scout them well to find the best opportunities.  Someone from the Michigan area will probably help you with more timely information.  Good Luck!

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Post by alpax »

Never been to Michigan but based on what I read here, Michigan native wildman49 plays good video poker games at the Soaring Eagle at Mount Pleasant.

Remember Michigan is one of the states where they collect state income taxes on W2Gs winnings and you cannot offset those with losses.

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Post by case »

Alpax is right. Soaring Eagle is the best I have found in Michigan. Another nice casino that is big and very clean is Firekeepers. Hotel rooms at Firekeepers are also first class.

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Post by MPD001 »

I don't know what part of Michigan interests you, but I have friends in Indiana that frequent Four Winds in Southern Michigan. With a little play, they get a lot of free offers.

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Post by wildman49 »

In the last 10 years I have been all over the state of Michigan, for the most part the best pay tables are at Soaring Eagle, with over 200 vp machines to play. Only a small amount have 99% plus pay tables. Two bar tops and one small bank near the front of the casino. 9/6 Jacks everywhere.4 Winns is a nice casino in New Buffalo , Northern Mi have nice casinos but the pay tables set very low. Detroit area its been a lot of years since I been that way, might make a day run in a few weeks to MGM while on Vacation. Will report if I get down there.

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Post by Tedlark »

wildman, good luck to you if you head to Detroit. It's been several years since I last played there so I'll be interested to hear back on how you did if you go.

Four Winds now has 3 casinos scattered across Michigan but I've only been to their New Buffalo casino. As some of you are aware; my results have been mostly positive and I've been going there off and on since they opened..

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Post by Leda »

MGM Detroit has several versions of Poker as played on here to choose from.

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