Keno Strategies

What are your other favorites at the casino?
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Re: Keno Strategies

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Many days I have turned a terrible VP day into a winning session due to Keno. Sure its luck. Video poker is luck too. Randomness means that there are no guarantees. There is what's called probability.Doesnt mean its gonna happen. In vp it is possible to be playing DW and throw away 4 deuces and get a royal. People think that they control so much with VP, The truth is that you only decide on the best scenario given to you at the time(DEAL), then its luck luck luck. Then when you hit deal/maxbet again, its Luck all over again...............think about it. you are to a point at the mercy of the "random" deal.GL with your Keno

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Keno becomes a whole new thing with the 20 card, multi card keno. Its still luck when you numbers hit, but i have had many,many,many winning sessions since I started to play the multi game about 3 year ago.
However, the challenge, like any gambling is to have the discipline to know when to stop
Because the bottom line is its a brute force type of environment, you will often need allot of games to get to a significant payout.
There are times when they come consistently and there are times they do not show up at all. but the opportunity does exist more than many people would think

I have seen the guys site where he posts his winning tax forms. Because its about money, its hard to not start thinking about it, yea maybe this guy figured it all out and will share!"

I think there can be discussions about the wide range of approach's you can try with multicard and I wish I could find a place where that type of talk is going on/

but I wouldn't pay for some get rich for sure system.

I didn't realize actually how much money was flowing to me and back into the machine until 2 years ago, because of a jackpot win,I got a year end win/loss from the station in Vegas. I had "slot machine" payouts of $48,000. When i read that i was staggered because I take about 2200- 2500 a trip and had 5 trips that year. However, I put into the machines that year $42000.

Sure sometimes I needed to keep going to get to the its, but there too many times where I just lost reason and would go from a $300-500 potential win to end up negative 400- $500 on the session, or worse
THe 20 card machine men its $4.00 a game. Yuu can go through $200 or more in less than 10 minutes if nothing is hitting. SO while it doesn't seem like a high stakes game,it can gobble up hundred dollar bills like crazy

Every trip I fight against myself as to win to step away and I am better

And you have to really like playing it,because you can have 4-5 hour sessions very easily while trying to channel your inner rainman

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Today's Gaming Today Column shows how to use 20 card keno to play similar to a 4-2-1-1-1-1 way ticket playing the 7's and up. Go to the Gaming Today website, then games, then Keno  ....This can be a lot of fun as if u group your numbers and the basic groups come in (for example the group of 4) you are likely to get a few hots elsewhere as well and have a nice payday.

That's too many ifs for me. As others have noted, if the game you're playing has negative expectation then your risk of ruin is always 100%; the longer you play the more you are likely to lose all the money you choose to play with. Strategy might give you more playing time but it can't overcome the inevitable.

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     I remember when that happened. Silly people

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I just like to play keno to relax and clear my mind. It works for me.

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I like to play it when I am having trouble falling every time

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If their any advantage at all to playing super way keno? Not sure but it is a easy way to play up to seven bets at one time, each bet is different number of spots, and the payout for the two spot is interesting.

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Me tooo....keno means "one more" and that is all you seem to say

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now thats what i call a cool tool..... thanks for the keno analyser

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the kenolyser.....nice... thank you

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