How much can you win on a penny slot?

What are your other favorites at the casino?
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How much can you win on a penny slot?

Post by mightwin »

When I'm not having a good day on video poker, or just wondering by and machine looks interesting, I like to play the penny slots.

I always cover all the lines, sometimes upping the bet to max depending on what I feel.

I've got my favorite Wolf Run machines, but recently they don't favor me. I've been trying machines I don't really like as a change.

Wicked Winnings gave me a bonus respin Saturday that was extremely confusing - it was flashing all over the place, too fast for me to figure out what was what. Then the screen goes blank and comes back with a very large even number on the top. I thought, please don't be a malfunction - it was a complete surprise.

While waiting for the attendant (fingers crossed), everyone walking by stopped to try to see what jackpot was - some leaning over me to look at tiny line on the screen at bottom, I think one drooled on my shoulder.

When the attendant arrived, didn't bat an eyelash - called supervisor and smiled congratulations. (oh goodie, no malfunction)

$9,000 jackpot on a penny machine with first max bet spin ($2.50). I had played about ten bucks at 50-cent and dollar level before deciding to max it.

It's my largest jackpot yet. Hard to believe it was a PENNY machine.

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Post by Tedlark »

  Great hit, sometimes those penny machines will surprise you.

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Post by Vman96 »

Wow, awesome hit!

As for your win, for non-progressive machines, this is going to be about the best you can do. 3600x your total wager is impossible to do on many games with max bet.

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Post by faygo »

So in effect,  you didn't leave penniless.

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Post by mightwin »

Thank you.

Up til then my biggest was just over $5K on progressive $1 royal flush.

Good luck to everyone.

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You must have gottena lot of ravens. You can win pretty big on that game but the line hits are very very small usually.

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Post by doris13 »

i love my penny slots.i can be losing my butt at vp and then go to the slots and walk away at least $200 up.

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Post by EDC1977 »

  Nice hit!! I played some "Dean Martin Wild Party" and "the Godfather" slots just for the heck of it and managed to walk away with a win. Mostly stick to blazing 7"s and wheel of fortune 3 reel though.

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Post by SammyBro »

Walk away with a win... I wish I could..

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Post by Lucky Larry »

Awesome story and hit. Congratulations.

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