How much can you win on a penny slot?

What are your other favorites at the casino?
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Re: How much can you win on a penny slot?

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i hit for $900 playing 88 fortune betting $1.60 and about 10 years ago i hit for $1000 on a 2 cent machine playing less than $2 a spin

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I won just under $4,000 on a nickel Tabasco machine bout ten years ago. I was playing 27 nickels. Had I been playing full coin (45 nickels) I'd have won $10,000 more, IIRC.

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billryan wrote:
Sun Apr 11, 2021 1:02 pm
I get a kick out of watching the people playing a penny a spin at 4AM. It's fun making up backstories for them. I miss Vegas.
I get a kick out of watching people max bet their bankroll away, believing it's the only way to win, only to look over and see someone like me playing minimum lines at maximum per line and killing it, priceless

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