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Re: New contest format - FAQ

Post by gma13 »

How do you know if you qualified for the monthly contest?

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Post by edog743 »

Anyone can play the monthly contest. No need to qualify.

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Post by jakeo »

I plan on taking the three-day trip to the MGM in OCT. after I earn the 3 million points. Is there anyplace where I can get information about this trip such as airline or airport Are there any requirements or restrictions associated with this trip? Thanks for any response !

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Post by Webman »

Players Club redemption is for 3 Free Nights at the MGM Signature in Las Vegas. There is no airfare or travel included.

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Post by niko »

should have top ten win prizes instead of one

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Post by Onenickelmiracl »

I wish 🌠 the format could be only a few rounds max a day. Are there really so many people with hours of time every day to waste. If you waste so much time, how can you hone the real video poker skills you need to gamble?

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Post by Come Back Kid »

I spend a lot of time playing here, and I don't see this as a waste of time at all...It's actually very entertaining. There is also plenty of time in the day to go to the casino :)

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Post by benbunito »

Love the new chances to win

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Post by modem1 »

Question on "Dream Card". I can't figure out why the qualifying score is 9,000 points. To me this game is almost like a simple 10 play game as the "dream card" is the one you keep.   Very rarely do I change it, and just as rarely do I manage a qualifying score. Am I missing some kind of strategy here?

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Post by onemoretry »

The game is, in fact, a simple 10 play game, but the dream card feature means that your starting hand will be a lot better a significant percentage of the time. As far as I'm aware, there is no change to the playing strategy of the particular game you're playing.

When do you change the dream card?

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