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Monthly Game

Post by DSki24 »

I find it ironic that the current leader had such a big lead over everyone else, he's has gotten 4000 plus point hands 7 times. As of today it running around a 8-10% clip. While MANY other players (like myself) struggle just to get 400 points just to get a random entry in the monthly drawing. I've played the 5 hands every day total of 95 & I've got over 1000 points TWICE. Something just doesn't seem right at all :x

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Post by Webman »

That's why we've avoided the 4,000 point quad games in the past (TDB, etc). This was bound to happen... whether it ends up being an improvement or not remains to be seen. But the leaders most likely will be further ahead than previous months. Of course, that also means people can come from behind more rapidly. We'll take a look end of month and assess whether some further pay tables changes would be beneficial. Any feedback is always appreciated.

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Post by beanlucky »

I think its amazing to see some of the high scores

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