Monthly game stats window

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Monthly game stats window

Post by chiefsquirrel »

The actual rank is pushed off the bottom of the window. "Your Monthly Total" now wraps and pushes all the rest down.
not sure if it's my browser or a change to the page and/or css.
(pic attached)


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Post by Webman »

I tried in Firefox here and it looked fine. Something appears to be making your fonts slightly larger, causing that "Your Monthly Total" line to wrap and upset the spacing.

I've added a fix to prevent that wrapping, so your rank should appear now. Things may still not look perfect given the larger font size, but it should now wrap correctly.

My guess is you have a minimum font size of 13 or 14 set in the browser settings, overriding the actual style of the site.

In Firefox:
Options > General > Fonts and Colors > Advanced (bottom right of this window).

Set to None if you want web pages to appear as designed, otherwise you can force the larger size for readability but there are no guarantees that all pages will draw correctly.

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