Question about Training Mode

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Question about Training Mode

Post by Mr.Dawes »

I am currently a silver member. I understand that gold members have the ability to choose their own paytables and to use training mode. Can you combine those two features to set your own paytables in the training mode?Also, does the training mode stop you from making an incorrect play or tell you after the fact that your play was incorrect?Any other info on training mode would also be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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Post by Webman »

Yes, custom pay tables are available for some games, and this does combine with Training Mode.The Gold member training mode uses a basic "stoplight" system. If you make the best hold, you will get a green light. A yellow light indicates the second best hold. A red light indicates an incorrect hold and displays the best hold that you could have made, allowing you to change your selection if you wish.There is a 7 day free trial if you would like to try it out before paying anything for GOLD.

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I have been looking to try the pay table/training mode out, but haven't figured it out. Which games allow this?
On YouTube, Steve Bourie has a 14 day free trial code on one of his videos. I'm going for that once my five days are up if I find gold useful enough. Once I figure out the pay table thing, I'm sure it will be.

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