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The new format

Post by TsuDoNihm »

Thanks for your efforts on the new format.  I've not looked at everything but I'm sure it is an improvement.There is one item that I was wondering if you might be able to adjust, have a "minimize" button, or have a "classic view" option for, that being the headliner bar at the top.For whatever reason mine is completely blank anyway, (Firefox 46.0.1), so I'm not sure what is supposed to be there and since it's blank it doesn't do me any good.   But what it DOES do is make it so the game play is lower on the screen.  We all get used to where we are comfortable with reading/playing, and I greatly prefer having what I read or play being at or near the top but now it's at the bottom.  I keep this site at 150% as I find it much easier to both read and play.  At that resolution I used to be able to see everything, including the number needed to get an entry, but now it is only the top bar and game play and I need to scroll to see any other information.Thanks for considering this.

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Post by Shemp »

There's no option to hide or turn off the chat window anymore? Love the new look of the page now!

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Post by royal flush »

where is the custom paytables on the new site as the old game

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Post by Webman »

where is the custom paytables on the new site as the old gameCustom pays is now located below the game under game play settings: Customize Game / Pays

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Post by royal flush »

thanks i like the new format

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Post by Sea Lion »

My only gripe is when using firefox, I can only play a few hands of the monthly contest game before it bogs down so slow that I have to close out firefox via windows task manager, reboot it, log out of, clear all history including cache, active log ins, and cookies, re-log in, and pick up where I left off... only to repeat this process after a few hands.Otherwise change is good!

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Unless I am missing something, there is no longer an option from the large upper menu to click on interact to get to the forum. I had to scroll all the way down to learn and then click on the forum there to get into it. I assume this is by design, but maybe I am missing something.

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Post by WhitneyReed »

The main page is a little jumbled on my phone (Android 5.1 with Chrome) but the main thing that I noticed is that on PC the score necessary for a drawing entry is off screen at the bottom where it used to be just above the game. And I agree the sticky bar across the top is annoying

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Post by bajmurray »

I also find problems with freezing when using Google Chrome. I think it has to do with the additional ads that constantly run on the free side. There used to be one video ad before playing each round plus banner ads. Now, in addition to that, there are video ads running at the bottom of the page. Just a way to encourage more people to the pay side???

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Post by cardshark_2 »

Am I missing it, or has Spin Fever Poker been eliminated?
Overall, I like the new format and the added features.

Update: I just found it under Legacy Format games.

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