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Sounds good. Thanks.

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Sandrina Roc====Good for you BUT   All the other players saying the same thing as I am cannot all be wrong. I play on 2 other sites and do not have the slow down problem.   I have played over 1,000,000 hands on this site and I think I should know when things are right and when they are not.   
But I am glad you are getting great speed, as I once did.

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I have been a member of this website for 8 years and am currently a gold member.   I play all the games and regularly post on the forum.  I almost never have a technical problem with this website.  I do have an occasional lockup or freeze, but nothing that I would consider a big issue.  I have noticed that if I play with my fingers on the keyboard so that I touch more than one key at a time, the program stops and I have to wait for it to catch up.  Considering all that is going on and fact that the interaction happens over the Internet, I would say the problems are minimal.  These games are never going to be the same as playing in a casino as the player and the game could be thousands of miles apart and the website developers have no control over each and every connection.

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Florida Phil is about right. There is no way to take a website that has world-wide reach and world-wide connections and make it the same as an in-house casino server that has maybe 500 or 600 machines on it. Also, his comment about the keyboard is interesting --- I have noticed the same thing (touching 2 keys at the same time), particularly with the EXTREMELY frustrating skipping problem. However, I have also noticed that the skipping problem that relates to keyboard usage is worse with some games than with others. Some games have virtually NO skipping,even with keyboard usage, while others, such as Powerhouse Poker, skip so much that I quit playing it altogether. (I must use the keyboard after I developed wrist problems from playing with the mouse.)

Also --- Webman has always responded to my complaints and technical queries.

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Hi, As promised, I played several times plus different games.   
Overall, speed was OK. Freeze or slow play all had 1 thing in common. ADS.   Top of page loading or running seem to have more effect on game than side ads.
Game speed was the best I have had in over a month.
Not playing while ads are running or loading keeps the game speed up.
At this time I will take back my BYE BYE and continue to play Video Poker on this site.

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