Open Plea to Webman

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Open Plea to Webman

Post by BobDancer »

Why is FP allowed to post here?He was not mentioned by anybody. I made a (honest and truthful) passing reference to CS being relegated to the Recreational Forum and FP used that as an excuse to make make numerous nonsensical posts. His posts brought nothing to the conversation --- merely repeated the libel that he has posted dozens and dozens of times before.Do you wish to allow FP to chase people away from this forum like he did before? If not, you have to either bar him or restrict him to the Recreational Forum.Please. You're the only one who can save us from his nonsense.

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Post by DougJ »

Why is someone, who does not OWN this forum, permitted to DICTATE who may, or may not, post anywhere in this forum?

This demand is pure NONSENSE.

Reading this post by the O.P. simply illuminates the misconceived notion he holds that only his opinion matters. If he doesn't like the "numerous nonsensical posts", then ignore them. Simple.

No one is forced to read FP's posts, or anyone else's posts. People also have the ability to read FP's posts and decide for themselves if it adds something to the conversation or not.

Forum readers should be insulted that this O.P. thinks so little of others' intelligence that we all need to be told what to read and how to think, lest we be led astray by some V.P. Strategy.


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Post by New2vp »

Forum readers should be insulted that this O.P. thinks so little of others' intelligence that we all need to be told what to read and how to think, lest we be led astray by some V.P. Strategy.Interesting opinion Doug.  I have a different one.  Even though you say I should be insulted by Bob's words, I'm not in the least.  But for those that don't like Bob's posts, like you say, they do not have to read them (and that goes for
Phil as well).I personally would rather read Dancer's posts, which have
a chance of being informative, than Phil's opinions and accusations of
Dancer.  Maybe I'm missing something, but Bob's writing doesn't offend me.I give Phil credit for his asking for a Recreational Play
area to post, so he could be protected from those that would post that
bet sizing or timing doesn't improve the return of negative video poker games.  He didn't want everyone's opinions there.  Ironically censoring seems to be ok only when it is consistent with his own thoughts, I guess.  I
don't learn much from that area, so I don't read posts there very
closely.Maybe others do, but I get nothing out of bickering
between the two.**  All the information there has run its course, so now it is just more of the same.  So, I thought it was very Solomon-like for Webman's
solution that Phil not post in the Strategy section, which I thought
Phil agreed to.Doug, sorry that I am not in step with your opinion, but I guess that is part of what an open forum is about.**It's off the point, but it is not that i dislike differences of opinion.  I'm often entertained by the Ted and DaBurg show.  (I won't tell you who I root for!)

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Post by Webman »

Phil agreed not to post in the Strategy forum and we created a "Recreational" forum for him to discuss his recreational approaches without detracting from other discussions and getting into any personal feuds that were a recurring theme.

This has less to do with the content of his posts than his persistence in making them over and over again, resulting in a rather toxic discussion environment.

That continues to be the case and any posts violating the spirit of the arrangement have been removed. He is still welcome to share his views in the Recreational forum.

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