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gold membership

Post by Trixieg »

I do not enroll in gold membership because I cannot afford to pay cash. I have enjoyed all the amenities gold has to offer because I pay with points to play. My last time just expired and I have returned to a silver membership from hell. In all my years as a silver member I have not seen so many ads while playing. There are so many that one can barely play the game. Not only are there multiple adds between games it is blasting so many while playing it cuts out the internet connection.
I have personally recommended your website to many many people while playing in casinos; I now regret this cuz I'm embarrassed. Its ironic this happened as soon as my gold membership expired, it feels like mind manipulation. In addition I tried to use the free trial gold membership now being offered; it replied that I have already used this. I have always payed with points. I have always enjoyed this site and now I am so disappointed.

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Post by Tedlark »

I may be off but I thought silver memberships also saw no ads? This may be water over the bridge but when you recommend people to this site you can get points for that. This though: requires carrying around wallet cards with your own personal identifier to be used when the person signs up. If they just go basic then you get 5,000 points but if they then go gold you get an additional 95,000 points for a total of 100,000 points.

Best of luck to you.

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Post by Webman »

As a silver member, you will not see ads. However you are no longer a silver member. Please see your email for details.

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