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Linking Live Links From You-Tube Videos

Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:30 am
by Raner
If your having trouble posting a live link from You-Tube, Try this...
First open your note-pad, Then copy the code right below this line and paste it to your note-pad.
Note: Please remove the plus sign after you paste it on your Note-Pad or it will not work, I had to add the plus sign so the forum would show it as text...
Click on the share tab of the video and copy and paste the URL to the code after the equal sign and the first bracket.
Then Type Title Text in-between the brackets.
When your done, It should look like the example below, Except for the plus sign.(Note: I added the plus sign in front of the equal sign so the forum would not execute the URL link) "The plus sign is not suppose to be there"
[URL+=]Linda Boyd on Bonus Poker[/URL]
Do not use the link tab on replay to post, Just copy and paste the completed line
of code to your post reply.
Then just hit preview to check it out, You should see you title text in red, Just click it and if
it's working a new window will open with your video.
Don't know if it will work on all YouTube videos, If the forum has restricted links, it may not.
But it's worth a shot.
I checked it out and it seems to work just fine.
Did not get the popup that normally pops up when you use the complete You-Tube URL and the
link tab on the post reply...
This will also work on your New Trend, If you want to do it this way.
I checked it out on You-Tube only but this code should work for other site URL's also...