How is it

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How is it

Post by wizard1 »

Has anyone been to casinos on the strip? I would like to know how it is? Are people playing video poker? Did you play?

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Post by vitamg »

haven't been since covid. but have been several times in the past. something you must see and experience.

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Post by jimmytootimez »

First post. Since the pandemic started I've not been in a casino, but my friends have been to both Laughlin and the strip since reopening. They just plainly state it's not the same and won't be the same for sometime to come, but you can still play and have fun if you want. You best call ahead and talk with your host at t the property you want to stay and play. Don't plan on doing casino hopping in the same manner as before, you may be better off planting yourself at one place. I'm hoping to visit LV later in the fall once football gets rolling, if it does and if the pandemic doesn't flare up again.

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Post by FAA »

Problem with casino hopping is that it will be harder to find a full pay machine with half of them taken out of service. So, a good point.

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