MGM Hack

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MGM Hack

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I stayed at Aria the week of Sept 18th. Due to the hack they could not apply my comps or other offers to my bill. My free room and the meals I ate and intended to use my comps for ended up costing me over $1,500. Not to mention I couldn't use my loyalty card in any video poker machines. I was told to call the front desk once I got home and everything would be resolved. I've tried calling a few times. After being on hold for more than 30 minutes each time, I gave up.

Anyone got any hacks to get around the MGM hack? They totally should have paid the ransom!

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Call your host stat.

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Caesars paid their hackers $15M and called it a day. Given MGM’s losses and PR hit, it was a bargain.

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Indigo Sky Casino in Oklahoma was hacked about 10 days ago. I went to play about a week ago and the lights were on, the machines were lit up. A few people were playing, but if you wanted to cash out, a tech had to come, and you would have to have a handwritten ticket to cash at the cage. Today people were playing, no points, no free play, no benefits. I didn't play. I heard a rumor that a ransom has been requested for $25 million. Have no idea what is really going on or when they will be back in full operation. Too bad, very expensive. for this good Indian Casino. They have been very careful with their customer base.

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Post by Karl_EDT »

I wonder about the incidents that don not make the TV news or newspapers/blogs.....we only hear about a handful of such incidents but doesnt it seem like something that would happen with regularity and frequency? I saw a documentary about the so-called "troll" farms in Russia, St petersburg and Moscow, that are dorms where haclers live 24/7 and do nothing except try to break into computer systems. That guy who was Vladimir Puttins Chef who died, supposedly owned such a troll farm during the 2016 election that was responsible for many of the shenanigans that happened back then. Could it be that people like him accumulate their vast wealth via these ransoms too?

of course, similar things exist in just about every country all over the world, especially southern Asia and parts of Africa and South America. Youtube has some very good videos about online vigilantes who go after these scammers and "hack the hackers" to give them a taste of their own bad medicine.

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