MillionDollar Block Party Promo @ some MGM Resorts

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MillionDollar Block Party Promo @ some MGM Resorts

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I feel it is one of the best promotions you can find from the major Vegas strip casinos as it is rather rare for a strip casino to offer promotional incentives since they will have plenty of tourists around the world regardless.

It has been going on annually since 2013 (or even longer, the last I have known), and today I received a mailer from the Luxor (no RFB since I am inactive) that confirms that it will be back again for the 2016 calendar year. Normally it happens starting in the middle of July to the end of September.

2016 Dates: July 18 - September 30

When playing with the Mlife players club card, earning 500 points ($10 a point on VP - $5000 coin in or $3 a point on slots - $1500 coin in) will earn an entry to this promotion. The player must stop by the Mlife rewards booth to activate the swipes (can do multiple at a time) on the kiosk. As a heads up warning, from what I can remember, the Mlife staff is extremely slow at things compared to other casinos, so you must be quite patient in line.

After swiping the kiosk which is life size or as tall as a human adult, there are 24 bills on the screen. The player picks bills until they match 3 of them. I think it is rigged.

The possible win values are

$5 Free Play
$25 Free Play
$100 Free Play
$1000 Free Play
$1 Million Dollars

For a mathematical perspective for VP players, this promotion will add at least 0.1% to your overall return since you at least get $5 for every $5000 coin in played.

I've seen someone win $100 once, $25 a few times, but it is mostly $5. Back in 2014, I played $15,000 coin in worth of VP and got 3 swipes. I got two $5 Free Play and $25 Free Play.

Not all MGM operated resorts on the Vegas strip are participating in this promotion. It is generally the lower end resorts like Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York. MGM and Aria did not have it available.

I am still in limbo on where I want to play in Vegas.

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