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Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:13 am
Interesting article on a subject we have discussed before.

Vegas is trying to cheat you out of even more money

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:35 am
by alpax
Thanks for posting Bill, I know its redundant, but people really got to take notice. At least off strip is only doing the resort fees part.

I know MGM is getting a ton of flak for their paid parking requirements. Once people arrive at Vegas, most of them will be surprised what Caesars is doing. It is briefly mentioned in the article, but for players playing at Caesars Palace, there is a Red Light Green Light Blue Light system which tells the bartender whether a player has played enough or lost enough to earn a drink.

MGM bars have it too where you have to play ridiculous short pay games long enough to get a voucher printed out to give to the bartender for a free drink.

I wonder how Vman will feel about this.

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:40 am
by DaBurglar

Excellent article, and I would point this out to all the people on this forum who regularly (and incomprehensibly) "DEFEND" how casinos are bastions, or PARAGONS, of integrity and honesty who ALWAYS follow and adhere to the established RULES & REGULATIONS of their particular region or state (i.e.  their "MARKET")!!!    Read the story within the above article that was cited within it,  about the Slot Machine/VIDEO POKER PROGRESSIVE that is the link but you can also access it by reading the above referenced story and clicking it there too:  What is happening is not some big mystery......we all know there is now massive OVER SATURATION of gambling "products" out there in the so-called  MARKET.....too many casinos, too many Online Gambling parlors and websites, and of course the perpetually available  ILLEGAL options like floating card games in Big Cities, Illegal Sports Bookies, etc.     Alongside this is the simple, undeniable fact that larger social issues like HUGE Income Inequality/Wealth gaps, and sustained long term unemployment are taking a toll on the ability of everyday people to play and visit casinos as frequently as they did 15 plus years ago!     Even something as seemingly "good" as longer life spans is having a impact on the economy:   As people live longer, but hardly "BETTER QUALITY" lives, more and more retirement and inheritance funds are being depleted so that wealth no longer is passed on to subsequent generations like it once did!     Corporate Casino Executives (i.e. the BANE of all of us who try to gamble and play "SMART") are not going to see their ridiculously OBSCENE compensation packages reduced because of shrinking revenues, soooooo they concoct these schemes like the  Red light/Green light Bullsh*t on 'FREE BOOZE' as a means to keep their compensation where they have been used to it being......I'm serious, if anyone here actually believes that any OTHER reason is responsible for these pathetic schemes to squeeze the last drop of blood out of us gamblers, then let's hear or read it!   Things like $10 parking, the infamous NON OPTIONAL Resort fees, and now the booze meters  are nothing more than the "ideas" of out of touch, greedy arrogant casino executives (probably aged 35 to 45) sitting in some modern day corporate board room with a Starbucks Coffee Machine and all of the latest tech gear, trying to find ways to make sure Next Fiscal year's bonus for themselves does not shrink.....and trust me, they are NOT thinking beyond the next fiscal year.....As the secondary article about the machine Malfunction states, the only REAL power or action that gamblers like US on this forum can take is to stop patronizing these casinos and to put the word out as loudly and prolifically as we can to dissuade and discourage OTHER gamblers from patronizing these casinos too......

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:05 am
by Lionqueen
Good article.

My offers have been drastically cut, room downgraded and Express Comps depleted even though my gambling is consistent. A year ago I had $3,000 in Express Comps because I never had to use them and now have $30. I was told it's because the economy is good so they don't need to offer as much. Plus they believe their retail business (paid room, restaurants, shows, clubs, conventions) are so good they don't really need the gamblers.

I was also advised to use up my Express Comps so looks like they will be cutting that too.

In my opinion this will all change when they see the gambling revenue plunge. We just need to wait it out. In the meantime I'm taking a break from MGM properties as I'm sure others will do as well.

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:48 am
by onemoretry
It's an interesting article. But, it is not about cheating, it is about casino cost cutting.

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:56 am
by notes1
It's an interesting article. But, it is not about cheating, it is about casino cost cutting.

good example of why many of us dislike and do not trust the media. they cannot even write a simple article without injecting a bias/misleading headline.

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:08 am
by notes1
it is not about cost cutting as much, as about revenue raising, anyway they can. bank fees, baggage fees, smaller package sizes, all the same. in a slow growth economy, where companies can not raise prices, they are looking for any opportunity to increase revenue. the gov does it too. park fees, court cost fees for traffic tickets, everyone is trying to get a little more. this is what happens when the economy's growth is slow and official inflation numbers are low. we would be amazed how much these stealth fees/taxes add up.

whoever said vegas is doing it because gambling has decreased, I believe is spot on. said before, cannot make as much from selling over priced drinks to young folks as they made from some senior banging on a slot machine.    

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:13 am
by olds442jetaway
We have good friends that bought a diner at a young age. They took on massive debt due to remodeling. Then they bought a house with a big mortgage and had a new car with big payments. We had warned them about stuff, but they wanted the good life at a young age. Things were fine for a year or two until the economy softened, their kids came along, etc. They tried the usual instant death method to stay afloat which is raise prices and cut quality. They lost all but their most loyal customers and we were one of them. They had no savings, huge debt, increased expenses, and a turndown in business. To top it off, the landlord was also feeling a pinch and decided to raise their lease substantially. Next thing of course bankruptcy. Now they are in their late 30's and working hard for someone else in the same field. The good thing is they have two beautiful children. My wife taught one of them in first grade. Every time I see the Mrs. which is often since I go to the diner she and her husband work at now, she says to me....Oh how I wish we would have listened to you. I just tell her. At least you guys have your health and two great kids. Speaking of health, to top it off, while this was going on, our friend got cancer in her back and now has rods and screws everywhere. One of the kids had just been born. Thank God, she seems fine now. I already wore their rosary bead flat several times. The bottom line is the casinos remind me of our friends on a huge scale. The only difference is the greed level of upper management is much larger I think.

     Excellent article by the way OTA. I can see many of these things mentioned myself at Mohegan Sun. So far, parking is still free, but most of the rest mentioned have come true there too. As a matter of fact, all of my comp room offers have disappeared right through the November calendar. Luckily, I have some reserved already. I am sure it has to do with me getting those two huge jackpots less than 24 hours apart. Efforts to get it resolved so far have failed. The answer I get is ....oh we are very busy during the summer. What a joke that answer is. The offers were there in black and white on their web site and disappeared less than a day after I hit those two 18 grand jackpots. Their loss not mine. I will just go less, bet less, and stay at Foxwoods the nights I would have reserved at Mohegan.

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:43 am
by notes1
rosary beads, even though I am catholic, had not heard that in a long time.

I am not disputing that corporations can be greedy, but, companies need increased revenues for more reasons than to pay the execs. even though a company's revenue does not increase, does not mean their expenses are not increasing. healthcare benefits continue to rise, even when they take in less money, taxes go up, insurance, utilities and so on.

we are just ending the 5th consecutive quarter than the S&P 500 companies have had less profits. there seems to be a vendetta against corp America, they should exist as public benefit, making a profit is a crime.

everybody who works for some company sure wants the company to pay matching SS taxes, provide them healthcare, contribute to their retirement, offer them a safe place to work. this takes money, which requires companies to make a profit.

the problem is an economy that is growing slowly, the gov that continues to take a bigger share, increased regulations, consumers who are scared and uncertainty.

Re: Vegas is tightening its belt

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:36 pm
by BOGIE46