Extreme Heat In South West

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Extreme Heat In South West

Post by case »

Even by Vegas and Phoenix standards the next few days will be hot as hell.

Could be all time record highs set on Tuesday (June 20)

Here are the forecast highs:

Vegas 118 F
Phoenix 120
Laughlin 124

Death Valley is always hot but the coolest day in the next 10 days will be 118

This is some serious heat and Las Vegas has put up some cooling areas for the cities homeless and others who need to escape the heat.

Drink lots of water boys!

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Post by billryan »

It's hot, but the lack of humidity is a big factor. Having lived on Long Island , Ft Lauderdale and P.R., I greatly prefer 115 in Vegas to 95 in any of those.
Here, all you have to do to escape the sun is get into some shade and it is much cooler. Humidity follows and clings to you.
That said, my heart goes out to those who are working out in the sun.

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