Need extra tickets to 7 stars event

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Need extra tickets to 7 stars event

Post by BobDancer »

next week is a 7 Stars signature event in Las Vegas.

I have my own set of tickets, but Bonnie has some relatives coming in and if there are people with extra tickets that won't be used (perhaps a husband and wife both coming but only need one set of tickets between them --- or maybe a single gambler who is coming unaccompanied) --- I could use them.

feel free to contact me on this forum or at

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Post by tech58 »

How about that response big shooter. Maybe you should buy your own with some of that tip money you saved.

Maybe you have hit a real bad patch. FP might front you a couple.

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Post by Tedlark »

I seem to remember Bob making a similar request last year and someone came through for him. I also think all parties involved were happy with whatever transpired.

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Post by billryan »

Having something of value to trade with Mr Dancer would be one of the smartest plays someone could do.
Is anyone surprised the usual suspects simply don't get it.

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Post by Galeygoo »

Doesn't surprise me ONE BIT..

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