Multi strike revenge

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Re: Multi strike revenge

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What are some of the line 3 changes? Hold 2 high cards over a low pair? Hold 2 high cards over an open ended straight?

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Even line #3 has changes to the normal JOB strategy. I was at the Multi Strike class at South Point this year. The class started with about 30 people. At the end, 5 of us left.
Good grief. 2 hour class? Crazy attrition. But there is a lot to do in LV, so only the hard core endure. Glad I don't play multi strike. I'd be getting clobbered. No idea there was a different strategy.

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The free class was over 3 hours long. During the class when the normal holds were compared to the new strategy, you could hear people saying "that isn't what I hold" for the normal 9/6 JOB strategy. The most changes to the strategy are on line 1 and there are less changes as you go up. Since Bob Dancer taught the class and is a member here, you could ask him for the strategy.

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