Humorous T-shirts an attempt to lighten it up.

Talk about your new shoes, new car, or UFO's!
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Re: Humorous T-shirts an attempt to lighten it up.

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Everybody Wang Chung Tonight is also hyperbole.

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I have these in my arsenal, among others

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy- Ben Franklin
I work harder than an ugly stripper.
I can't wait to procrastinate.
I hate being bipolar. It's awesome! (I don't wear this too often, because being bipolar is no joke- I know)
The flux capacitor; it's what makes time travel possible.
I'm only two girls short of a threesome!
The older I get, the more everyone can kiss my ass.
This is no time to be sober.

And my personal favorite....
I'm cooler than anybody here.

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One of mine.....A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. Packed it in 17 years ago and never looked back.
I wore this one once to the casino as a goof. Wow! You look great! If you turn sideways, I can’t even see you anymore! I got hit on three times in that one trip. Would have been great if I was single. One gal who was an absolute knockout got in front of me, turned sideways, and said..... Can you see me now?

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