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Re: NBA wokeness

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notes1 wrote:
Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:46 am
rockinrobin wrote:
Thu Oct 15, 2020 5:59 pm
"social justice crap"? Good god, you are really a horrible person. I say this as a grandmother to children of mixed race. You don't know what they are put through by people with the same mindset as you. All you ever expose is hatred.
you are really an ignorant person. skip the bio, 'mixed race grandma'. gives you no more credibility than anyone else. you think all the destruction being done on the streets of large liberal run cities is really 'social justice'? only a fool would watch the looting that has been taking place and call that social justice. and, the destruction of private and government property, the burning down of businesses is 'social justice', what a crock! mob rule is justice?

what exactly are YOU teaching those grand kids? if they don't get what you want, it is ok to take from someone else or simply destroy it? all the problems in the black community are the fault of whites? it is ok to have multiple children, by multiple fathers, who never take responsibility for the kids they created, is that what you teach? where the hell are all those black fathers?

maybe, you should start by teaching personal responsibility. do you really want me to quote the number of black babies that are aborted, or the percentage of black mothers who have babies from multiple partners? how about black high school graduation rates?

that's why the majority of the social justice actions occurring is just crap!
I'm ignorant? That's rich coming from you. Is "mixed race grandma" supposed to be some kind of dig at me? I am a grandma period. I didn't mention what race some of my grandchildren are. I just said they are mixed. Social justice addresses all social injustices against all minorities. Those injustices are fine for racist and bigots like you.
93% of all the protests have been peaceful, yet your focus continues to be on the 7%. A lot of violence has come from right wing groups and well as others. No one ever has condoned the violence and destruction. No one. The subject here was the NBA. Where is the violence and destruction with what they have been doing? That is what you called "social justice crap". Now you change the subject.
What am I teaching my grandkids? I teach them, first and foremost, they are important. They are no different and not better than anyone else. They can be whatever they want to be. I teach them to treat others with respect and kindness and to show empathy and compassions for others. This is exactly the kind of people they are.
For what reason did you feel the need to call out black mothers with children from different fathers? I don't know what world you live in, but that is not just doesn't happen in the black community just like black fathers are not the only ones who disappear from their children's lives.

You really need to take a look at yourself and the type of person you are showing the world you are. Is being an angry, hateful man really what you want to be remembered as? A little soul searching is in order. It's not too late.

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billryan wrote:
Fri Oct 16, 2020 8:00 am
You've got to be taught, before it's too late, ..........
Can you imagine living almost seventy years and not having seven a twinge of basic humanity? To be so afraid that your only reaction to different thinking is mindlessly attacking it? It's common behavior in dogs, especially a dog that has been abused. I used to think the difference between a dog and a person is a person has a soul. Sadly, the rants and actions of some people have now convinced me that not every person has one.
It is really sad.

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Day drinking.

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i should have said, grandmother to mixed race children.

everything else stands as is.

some estimates put the cost at over $1 BILLION. from mostly 'peaceful protesters? sure! if those same protesters, looters, rioters got a job, they could improve their lives. and, pay some taxes that would help others.

as far as who is doing the looting, just make a visit to u tube and watch hour after hour of looting taking place. see anything similar in nearly all the videos?

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