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Congrats OMT on the TOC top 50 finish. In the past year I have changed my attitude towards the contests. For the most part I only play games I like and that I would play at the casino. I will occasionally play a session of ult x which I don't like because I have never won while playing this game at the casino. I am fascinated by ultx and have one friend who swears by it but all it has ever done is siphon money from me.

The monthly contest I still play every month. IMO it is still hands down the best contest and relies more on skill to have a decent rank in the end than the others. As far as the daily, weekly, and keno contests go, I will play them if I like the game being offered. For instance if the weekly is offering something like barnyard poker or royal hunt both of which I don't like, I usually use my practice time playing something else. Additionally other than the time I spend playing the monthly contest I spend a great deal of my time playing the games I enjoy in training mode. And having a gold membership I change the paytables to what they actually are at the casino where I play.

I really have not gotten into the members rule contest yet. What are your thoughts on it so far?

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seemoreroyals wrote:
Thu Oct 29, 2020 4:37 am
Congrats OMT on the TOC top 50 finish.
Thanks. Though, as we are all aware, finishing near the top in one of these short contests is pretty much all luck. I think the game for that one was double double, and I managed to hit aces with kicker, which was good enough for a top 50. What I remember most about it is that I was in Las Vegas, in a very spacious suite at the Rio, when I got it.

I agree that the monthly contest is more skill related than the others, but it still takes an extremely good run to win it, or even contend. I feel it takes the equivalent of three royals in premium hands to contend, and four (or more) to have a realistic chance to win. That's a lot in just 15000 hands or so, but somebody always does it. It's been a long time since I haven't played the monthly, and I expect to continue to play it.

The host rules competition to become a host is , to me, a bit of fun. The sessions are very short, so it doesn't take a lot of time. Sometimes, though, the shortness can be a bit frustrating. When you have only 20 deals, say, of super times pay, and get multipliers zero times, you just have have to grit your teeth and move on. I haven't been thrilled with a couple of the host-selected games, but, you don't have to play them (and I didn't).

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