RIP Pat Quinn, of Ice Bucket Challenge fame

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RIP Pat Quinn, of Ice Bucket Challenge fame

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Pat Quinn was diagnosed with ALS ,aka Lou Gehrigs Disease, in 2013. This horrible disease attacks both the brain and the spinal cord, leading to progressive paralysis. Along with fellow New Yorkers, Anthony Senerchia and Pete Frate, they dedicated their lives to raising awareness of the disease. They made videos of themselves taking ice water showers and passed them along to celebrities asking them to help to get the general public involved.
They succeeded beyond their wildest imagination, getting former Presidents and many top athletes involved, ultimately raising more than 220 million dollars for research. In 2016, using funding raised by the challenge, researchers were able to identify the gene sequence that drives the onset of the disease.
While there is still no cure, recent developments include gene therapy and a focused drug.
Both Mr. Senerchia and Mr. Frate died from the disease soon after the Challenge started, and now Mr. Quinn is gone, a few months before his 38th birthday.
Rest in Peace, and go on to your reward secure in the fact that you made the world a better place.
Isn't that what life really is all about?

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RIP Messer's Senerchia, Frate, and Quinn.

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