Let's Get a bit Serious Here

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Re: Let's Get a bit Serious Here

Post by Eduardo »

That artichoke dish looks amazing. You are all making me hungry. :lol:

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Post by musicmeyer »

Cranberry and sausage dressing, fresh cranberry sauce, sweet potato "casserole" with apples and fresh cranberries, broccoli casserole ..... plus turkey, mashed potatoes & homemade gravy. Dessert = Kahlua marble pumpkin cheesecake.

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Post by OTABILL »

White meat, mashed garlic potatoes, and smooth cranberry sauce. However, I have had everything from Tofurky, salmon and even a vegetarian Indian Buffet on Thanksgiving. This year salmon is on the menu, not turkey.

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Post by seemoreroyals »

Greenberg turkey, spiral sliced ham, Louisiana potatoes, green bean casserole, both hard and soft dressing, dumplings, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, and assorted desserts.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

Round 2 tonite. Delicious roast chicken. I like the white meat best, mashed, dressing with gravy, corn, acorn squash, whole cranberry sauce,fresh fruit salad. The Mrs also made fresh cranberry orange pie with cream cheese filling and a hommade baked apple pie. I actually enjoy round 2 better. Will be having that in an hour or so. The Mrs can always relax a bit more the day after Thanksgiving.

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Post by billryan »

I agree, with one exception. I can't eat leftover cranberry sauce. I prefer jellied cranberries but not refrigerated overnight. I skipped dinner last night, as m neighbors invited people and it was too crowded. Went down to the clubhouse this morning and fixed myself a nice plate of leftovers for tonite.

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Post by olds442jetaway »

How could I forget the Holland style pearl onions. My favorite. Have those too

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