Nine miles of new fence

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Nine miles of new fence

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That is what was built during the Trump error. Nine miles of new fencing was added to the border. trump spent 14 billion dollars, taking ten billion away from our military budget and in the end, we will have nine more miles of barriers installed. In southern Arizona, almost two hundred miles of walls were built that replaced existing walls but only about two miles of new walls were added. East of Douglas, the old wall sat some quarter-mile in from the border due to the terrain but in their infinite wisdom, the Feds hired private contractors to rip up hundreds of acres of land and reduce an 800-foot rock cropping so the new wall could be moved closer to the border.
In Naco, the old fence was 14 feet high and gradually got smaller until it came to an end some five miles east of town. Rather than build a new barrier besides the old one, they tore down the old one and replaced it a thirty foot fence that ends at the exact same place.
In Hereford, what was once a dirt road that leads from Route 92 to the border is now a two-lane paved road capable of bearing hundreds of heavy trucks traveling on it, only now that the wall was rebuilt, there is zero traffic on the nearly ten mile long road.
Graffiti on the American side of the wall indicates that it isn't such an unstoppable barrier as some would have you believe.
I feel sorry for the hundreds of workers who will soon be losing their jobs. My two best friends here are both wall workers who came from out of state to work on it, but they are skilled workers who will easily find another project to work on.
I feel worse for the American taxpayers who are on the hook for this multi-billion dollar monument to a con mans ego.

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MAGA/Fake news or waste of taxpayers money. I guess it depends on what side of the argument you are on. Whoever wrote the book "Government Waste From A to Z" has much work ahead of them to update all of the waste during the past four years.

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