Flolrida about to hit one million cases of covid...

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Re: Flolrida about to hit one million cases of covid...

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Everyone is counting deaths as deaths do to the china virus - Anyone actually watching and noticing that deaths have declined from other illnesses? Anyone taking a look at the states run by the idiot dem governors and seeing all the small businesses suffer? Denver dem Mayor said to stay home for Thanksgiving minutes before he boarded a plane to have dinner with his family. Colorado idiot dem governor that demands people eat "inside/outside" in tents because the china virus only goes inside/inside. Well, It's snowing this week and 20 degrees out - wonder how that helps small business owners. Oh and by the way - the idiot governor and his "other" both came down with the china virus. Although he has hired spies and tracers to rat on their neighbors, he won't tell anyone how his contact tracing went..

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bobbi, if dems/liberals/trump haters spent half the energy and time blaming the actual culprits, the chinese, maybe we could have prevented some of these deaths. but, no, their real goal all along was two fold;

-blame trump,so they could get potus
-make life as uncomfortable as possible for the citizens, so they could gather more power.

the voters do not support their policies, so they try to claim power anyway they can.

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We are really learning just how incompetent many Governors are.

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