Why U play Ultimate X

Why do you play video poker? What is your favorite game and why?
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Why U play Ultimate X

Post by LindaSioux »

Ultimate X in its original incarnation is by far my favorite video poker game. I have won more jackpots on it, been dealt royals 4 times and 4 aces more times that I can remember. i don't mind paying more to play, because it truly gives you more chances to win!

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Post by TripleTriple »

Do you play multi-line?

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Post by BobDancer »

You do get many chances to win --- and you pay for them with twice the money per hand, bad pay schedules at most places, and a far different strategy for this game than regular video poker. The vast majority of winners at UX are the vultures, who play off multipliers left behind by unwitting gamblers. For players playing the game straight up, a high percentage of them are big losers.

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