Spin Poker

Why do you play video poker? What is your favorite game and why?
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Spin Poker

Post by redrock1 »

My least favorite game is Spin Poker. I complete the contests when I have no choice but cannot imagine why anyone finds this game interesting.

Phil my pockets
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Post by Phil my pockets »

I agree.

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Post by Tedlark »

I feel the exact way about JOB.

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Post by tnottke »

I actually like Spin Poker, but my suggestion would be to try Ultimate X Spin Poker. Alot of action in the game.

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Post by Jstark »

I liked the 9/6 JoB SP with Super Times Pay we had here. There were 2 of them. Got my first dealt royal on it for $9000.

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Post by POKERKAT »

I really like spin poker, have done well through the years with it. Gives me back something most of the time. The one I hate is multi strike, usually sucks up my money with minimal fun.

Sandrina Roc
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Post by Sandrina Roc »

I've liked spin poker since I first discovered at the then riverboat in our area, must be over 20 years ago, probably more. I don't know why anyone would play Dream Card or any game where the bet is double a normal bet so a high pair gets you half the bet back. But to each their own. We all have our favorites and the games we hate and those in between. That's what makes the world go round.

Grandma Sam
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Post by Grandma Sam »

I'm not crazy about Spin Poker, but adding Ultimate X to it has me onboard. Hoping to find it in Casinos this weekend.

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