Bar Machine Button Pounder?

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Bar Machine Button Pounder?

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I have a confession to make. I have always hated button pounders. But apparently i have slowly slid into a bad habit.
Short version of story. Usually play Bar Machines,notorious for sticky/balky/intermittent buttons. New more powerful hearing aids 6 months ago which i have to turn off in casino noise. Wife came up behind me two weeks ago and said "you know those button pounders you hate,you have become one of them".
The d..n misholds have added a new excess of firmness to my stroke, which is not audible to me.
To the glowering, snarling, fellow players,which i know must have been out there, i apologize.
I have shortened my stroke from 6 inches to 1/4 to 1/2 inch, and am practicing with my hearing aids on.
My recovery is still a work in progress. Any advice from recovered pounders would be helpful.

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Post by pokerpokerpoker »

You are forgiven.

Now please stop spilling your drink! LOL

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LOL - Thank you to your wife for letting you know. I don't understand it all because my hands are usually placed on the machine - lifting fingers only...

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Those sticky buttons are the reason I won't play bar tops. And, if I find a regular floor machine with sticky or broken buttons I immediately hit the service light for repair or do a clean up of the area. I've had too many sticky buttons cancel out a winning hand.

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