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Why do you play video poker? What is your favorite game and why?
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Newbie Question about

Post by Hotshooter »

I am relatively new to Video Poker. Why is the Jacks or better only 9/5 instead of 9/6 and why is the bonus poker 7/5 instead of 8/5 on Video Am i missing something?

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Post by Webman »

Not sure which game you are playing, but the pay tables will vary across the games.

The pay tables selected by default generally represent some of the most common pay tables available, but obviously there is a big range of what is out there both around the country and even on machines within a single casino. For training purposes, it's always best to play on the actual pay table you have available to you in the casino.

If you are a Gold member, you can choose the pay table you would like to play in most games by clicking Custom Pays below the game. There is a free trial for Gold membership if you are not a Gold member.

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Post by SjPurple »

Video poker gives you personal choices and some control over each hand. Keno and slots are not a challenge.

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Post by applepear86 »

I think they try to be respectable with the paytables, without being full pay because many gaming regions have no full pay machines available. You can customize your paytables if you get a membership, but the general games where you compete with scores it's all 1 notch below full pay it seems.

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