Video Poker for Winners Partially Affected

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Video Poker for Winners Partially Affected

Post by BobDancer »

Video Poker for Winners used Adobe Flash for two features. Adobe Flash has been discontinued.

the opening screen now comes up with a picture that looks like the software is malfunctioning. At the top, though, it has a "Games" icon, and if you click on that you'll be taken to wherever you want to go --- such as Game King, Five Play, Super Times Pay, Multi Strike, etc.

The other change is that in Super Times Pay, when you receive a multiplier, for a few seconds you get a weird sign, but then the regular multiplier shows up and the game plays with no loss of functionality whatsoever.

If you already have a copy of the software, it will still work just fine. If you want to get another one, has decided to stop selling them. I'm lobbying with them to reconsider, which may or may not happen. You can still get new copies at the and

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Post by Hotshooter »

Thank you for the explanations. I noticed that yesterday. It throw me off for awhile Yes, after experimenting with it i figured out that it work fine.

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Post by Webman »

Here is a screenshot of the menu, for clarity on where you should go. It appears to only be the front screen (and the multiplier animation in Super Times Pay, as Bob Dancer stated). All training and features are still available.
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