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more sims!

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2021 9:36 pm
by stevel96a1
i know computers don't make mistakes but the people who program them do i wonder if my poker software is bugged! anyway back to my sims on wolf video frugal poker.

i been reading on other forums (Bill knows) how to achieve 100$ win from a 12k roll.

got me thinking playing on wolf poker starting bankroll of 8k credits or 24k credits the poker machine achieved the same roughly actually the 20 sims performed on 8k did slightly better then the 24k bankroll sims. so all and all extra credit translated to extra play time basically never breaking out of that house edge bubble of ++++10 standard devation's unless you use a progression.

observing the highest hello to the busto ending, all that was traded off was more hands =/
however if player 2 decided to use a system he would have a 2/3 chance of succeeding and 1/3 chance of busting early.

busto gotta love that term from the other poker site
on a side note played the heck out of triple double bonus on this site the cards come out lousy
switched to game king and bam got my 4aokw/kicker in short order
would i have gotten my 4oak w/ kicker on this site had i stayed? only God knows