Multi-Strike Poker on iOS! It's alive! IT

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Multi-Strike Poker on iOS! It's alive! IT

Post by JoeE »

Just heard from Larry DeMar at Leading Edge Design that Ruby Seven Video Poker in the iOS App Store includes Multi-Strike Poker. Jacks or Better is the only variant so far, but it plays pretty darn close to the real thing.

I reported a glitch to Larry: the game dealt a pat Royal Flush but didn't auto-hold the hand like a real casino machine. Probably easy to fix with an update.

Are you still reading this? Go get the game! Make sure to include the word "video" in your search.

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Post by thegreatone24 »

Thanks JoeE, for posting this I have been waiting for multi-strike on an iOS for a long time was hoping for to do it but hey at least someone did it. Hope they add ddb to the game thanks again.

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Post by tnottke »

Great to see Multi-Strike Poker on the Ipad! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will see all the game variations for the game.

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